wireless support

Wireless Router Network Setup

Connecting your home or office stress-free!

Remember when you had so much fun trying to connect all of your computers to the internet and to one another? No? Oh yeah, because it’s not a particularly fun process, but we all love the end result. Whether this is all brand new for you or you are upgrading your current setup, call Draymar.net. We will get your wireless system up and running for you, so that you can focus on your own priorities.

We can also assist with a variety of security concerns, including making sure that only the people you allow will actually be able to use your signal and having a designated “Guest” connection so your private information stays that way.

Not sure what you need? No problem.

After you have taken the first step by contacting DrayMar.net, we talk about your tech needs now and what you may want down the line. Having that conversation saves time and money because we will determine what router you need to keep your family happy or your business running smoothly. Terrible internet can fluster and frustrate even the calmest of people!