Virus Protection

Virus Removal and Repair

You clicked the wrong link… now what?

It can happen to anyone – you innocently click on a link designed to wreak havoc on your system. At best, you have to scrub a virus from your system; at worst, you are extorted just to get back in to your computer and access your files.

The hackers that lurk in the dark part of the web are, unfortunately, here to stay. The good news is that we are also here and we want to help you. We can scrub your computer of viruses and malware: from the merely irritating to the extremely nasty. After that, we can protect you with the kind of security software you need to keep the creepy stuff at bay.

Contact us to clean up and protect your computer or network. We will also help teach your family or staff how to spot potential risks and how to use the security software.