ssd upgrade

SSD Upgrade – Is it right for you?

SSD stands for solid-state drive. If that means nothing to you, it’s okay, that’s what we are here for. So, what is it? It’s like a hard drive, but the upgraded version: more quiet, durable and faster. If your computer isn’t ancient but has gotten much slower over time, it’s possible that you can prolong its life with a new SSD instead of replacing the entire machine.

While we all know that technology is ready to be replaced around the same time that we first open the box, that doesn’t mean we should have to pay the price…literally.

Why upgrade to SSD?

  • It’s fast, really fast.
    It won’t help you type or read faster, but it will make opening those documents you need to read or edit much faster. Do you know how much time you lose during the day to bogged down software programs? It’s a lot more than you think.
  • It’s like keeping your old hard drive, without the headaches
    Because we will clone your old drive and drop everything right onto the new SSD, you won’t have to worry that you might lose data and you won’t have to spend time re-installing or setting up any programs.
  • It’s cost effective
    If we determine that the upgrade is right for your computer, it’s usually a lot less expensive than purchasing a brand new computer.